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One Pot Cheeseburger Casserole

All the flavors of a cheeseburger in cheesy pasta form made in one skillet in less than 30 minutes – even the pasta gets cooked right in the pan!

With a very cloudy day today, I decided to take the day off and unplug from everything.

Jason and I took a stroll to Berkeley, had an amazing brunch together, and walked around the little boutique stores window shopping. I forget how refreshing it is to take a break from time to time, especially when you’re buried in your own work 24/7. The perks of being your own boss, right?

But now that my lazy day is over, I really need to share this pasta skillet. See, after I made that one pot andouille sausage skillet pasta, I’ve been somewhat addicted to these easy one pot meals. After all, I’d do anything for less dirty dishes in the sink!

Now if you’re a cheeseburger lover like me, you’ll love this pasta skillet. It’s all the flavors of a cheeseburger in pasta form with crumbled ground beef, melted cheddar cheese and fresh tomatoes. You can even go further and top these with your favorite burger toppings like pickled jalapeños or crumbled bacon – the sky’s the limit!

One Pot Cheeseburger Casserole

Yield: 8 servings

Prep Time: 10 minutes

Cook Time: 20 minutes

Total Time: 30 minutes

This cheesy goodness comes together so easily in one skillet. Even the pasta gets cooked right in the pan!


  • 1 tablespoon olive oil
  • 1 1/2 pounds ground beef
  • 1 onion, diced
  • Kosher salt and freshly ground black pepper, to taste
  • 1 (28-ounce) can diced tomatoes, undrained
  • 1 (8-ounce) can tomato sauce
  • 2 cups chicken broth
  • 1/4 cup ketchup
  • 1 tablespoon Dijon mustard
  • 1 pound rotini pasta
  • 2 cups shredded cheddar cheese
  • 1 Roma tomato, diced
  • 2 green onions, sliced


  1. Heat olive oil in a large stockpot or Dutch oven over medium high heat. Add ground beef and onion and cook until beef has browned, about 3-5 minutes, making sure to crumble the beef as it cooks; season with salt and pepper, to taste. Drain excess fat.
  2. Stir in tomatoes, tomato sauce, chicken broth, ketchup, mustard, pasta and 2 cups water. Bring to a boil; cover, reduce heat and simmer until pasta is cooked through, about 13-16 minutes.
  3. Remove from heat and top with cheese. Cover until cheese has melted, about 2 minutes.
  4. Serve immediately, garnished with tomato and green onions, if desired.

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the photos. WOW. They just are so sharp and crisp and amazingly detailed and just stunning. You keep growing with EVERY recipe. Girl. Amazing!

Now this is my kind of dish! I love the colours, flavours and how easy it all looks, too.

Your blog has been a recent find of mine, but because of dishes like this I’m hooked for life!

Scrumptious! And, so easy. Thanks for sharing, Chung-Ah! Your photos always make my drool, LOL! Pinned!

Always looking for easy one-pot meals I can whip up during the week. Definitely making this! Thanks for another great recipe, Chung-Ah!

That looks amazing! I have to make this 🙂

Just saw your photo on Instagram and had to rush straight to my laptop to print the recipe! Love this so much, dinner for one night this week is sorted, thank you! 😀

This is the exact type of recipe that I find myself standing over the dish and can’t stop eating. Because it’s just so darn good … er I mean damn delicious. 🙂 Thanks for sharing the recipe.

We’ve come a long way from Hamburger Helper haven’t we? Sounds delish and looks wonderful.

Just one question from Australia. By a can of tomato sauce, do you mean passata? I think our tomato sauce is your ketchup, and that’d leave an awfully strong taste. Besdies, we buy it in bottles. I love your recipes, but every so often come up against a term that simply doesn’t seem to fit what’s on our supermarket shelves. Someone once said that we are two great nations, divided by language! I’ve worked out your biscuits (scones), but this one has me a bit baffled. I want to save this recipe for cooler weather (we’re forecasting here for over 100F for the next couple of days) when it’d be pure comfort food.

Passata and tomato sauce is a little bit different from each other. Here is a good article on the differences: Our tomato sauce and ketchup are actually very different and I do not recommend using it in place of the tomato sauce in this recipe.

I am all for a one pot meal and I love that you added extra veggies!

Am I missing some ingredients? What added veggies?

I am so craving a lazy day. This pasta needs to be part of it!

I love lazy days like that! And I love easy, less clean up type meals like this! Your photos are amazing girl.

I think I am going to start naming you the queen of the one pot meal!

I’m with you, Chung-Ah…the less dishes, the better! One-pot skillet meals are quite popular around here, as are cheeseburgers, so I can’t wait to try this!

I have a confession to make… I kind of, sort of like/love the Hamburger Helper Cheeseburger variety. Gahhh. It’s my guilty pleasure.But guilty pleasure it no longer needs to be, I’ve GOT to try this. It looks so good and infinitely better than my embarrassing secret…

Yay for lazy days!

How strong is the mustard taste in this? It sounds wonderful, but I’ve got some serious mustard haters in my house.

I’m not the biggest mustard lover either! But I promise – the flavor of the mustard is very minimal in this dish.

My daughter would inhale this. Must make it for her soon!

This is soooo much better than the boxed hamburger stuff!

Ohhh I love one pot meals! This is so perfect with Ben in school. SOLD!

You’ll love this, Megan! It really is SO easy and the best kind of comfort food.

Made this tonight and it was define. I omitted the cheese and just put a sprinkle of Parmesan on top when serving. Is tomato sauce like pasta sauce? I am from New Zealand and tomato sauce is like ketchup. Thanks for a great recipe.

I’m so glad you had a chance to make this already! Tomato sauce can be similar to pasta sauce but it is completely different from ketchup. It is a sauce made with tomato puree, simmered with various spices and seasonings.

In New Zealand sounds like pasta sauce which is what I used plus the ketchup.

This casserole sounds so good!

Made this for dinner tonight & it seriously tastes just like a cheeseburger!! I even topped it with chopped up pickles… delish! Thanks for another awesome recipe!

I made this for dinner the other night – so easy and so tasty! I was seriously tempted to serve it with some sort of backlighting to make it look as gorgeous as your photos, but alas, it was dark outside…

I made this the other night for my husband. He absolutely LOVED it! He commented at least 5 times about how delicious it was! Thanks for another great recipe! Here are just a few minor tips that I did to the recipe: Make sure you salt and pepper your mince well enough. I did not have a can of tomato sauce so I just used two cans of crushed tomatoes. I also used a little more ketchup and mustard than was suggested, and I added 1 1/2 tablespoons of Wishbone Italian Dressing just to give it a little bit of a kick. I’m not sure if it even needed that so feel free to leave it out. If you are using chicken bullion cubes for your chicken broth, then I suggest you use TWO bullions. I also made sure to add a large chopped tomato and sliced green onions to it at the end. The final result was so delicious! Thank you!

Made this casserole for the first time yesterday (Sunday) afternoon. I thought it was ok. Brought to work this morning to have about ten of my co- workers taste test IT. They LOVED IT! In my opinion it is much better on the second day. Now I LOVE IT!! And now all are searching your site to find more great recipes. Thanks.

My family is eating this for dinner right now. It is great. Thanks for another quick and yummy recipe that I was able to whip up after work.

Wow! Really enjoyed this one! Made it for the first time tonight. Delicious.:)

Great recipe! Can this be made with whole wheat/grain pasta?

My husband loved! I used ground turkey and whole wheat pasta…I had some fresh parsley on hand and added that for a little extra color. I used sharp cheddar and some grated italian cheese.

Just found this Site! Always looking for new recipes that are tasty and easy as well!

I just found this recipe for One Pot Cheeseburger Casserole and it looks delicious, and can’t wait to try this. Just one maybe dumb question, but was wandering if this could be done in the crock pot? And if so, how long? Thanks so much can’t wait to fix this very soon 🙂

Joann, unfortunately, I have never tried this in the crockpot. This dish really is one of those quick and easy weeknight meals so there really is no need for a slow cooker on this one!

Joann, chopmeat is something that will not do well in a crock pot. It will get very chewy because the meat ground. It cooks too quickly.

I just finished making this for supper tonight. I loved it. Probably one of the best meals I had in a while. I had a couple of small changes. Like adding 2tbsp of relish, I didn’t use the canned tomatoes and added a 1tbsp of tomato paste. Clean up was easy and I have lots left for tomorrow! Thanks for sharing!

I made this last night and it was SO good and super easy! I added some pickles as garnish because I love pickles on my cheeseburgers.

I am allergic to dairy, wheat, eggs, and peanuts and have been desperately trying to find good recipes that are quick, simple, allergen free, and that my boyfriend will love too.

This recipe is super awesome, even without the cheese. I love it and I always recommend this website.

I want to try try this. I have a question about the ingredients. In the ingredient list, two cups of broth is listed but in the instructions it says add broth AND two cups of water. The water is not in the list of ingredients. So before I make a watery mess I thought I would get clarification.

The 2 cups of water is correct. I generally do not list out water in the ingredient list.

So is it two cups of water AND 2 cups of broth? Also, could you use a can of diced tomatoes instead of whole? Thanks! Looking forward to trying another one of your recipes! 🙂

Yes, Seanna, it is 2 cups chicken broth AND 2 cups of water as you are cooking 1 pound of rotini pasta. You can also substitute diced tomatoes.

Thank you so much for the water clarification. I am in the process of finishing this up right now. I will admit, I didn’t measure exactly, however I did not venture off of the list of ingredients. oops wait, I used beef bullion instead of chicken but so far the sauce is fantastic. I love the idea of adding pickles. Looking forward to tonight’s supper. Thank you

Can I use regular mustard?

Yes, but I recommend using dijon for optimal results.

Do you suggest a brand

Any brand should work just fine.

This looks so good! Unfortunately I can’t eat red meat at all 🙁 Hm, maybe I could substitute the beef for red lentils? I do that sometimes with chili and it tastes amazing. Do you think this would work here as well?

Yes, that sounds like a great substitution.

I made it with ground turkey and it was tasty

I substitute chicken for beef a lot. It is a healthier option and in many cases, tastes just as amazing.

This recipe is simple and oh so good. I tweeked it just a little for our family, but it’s delicious. Adding pickles or relish and topping with the fresh tomatoes and a bit of shredded lettuce is awesome, if you want an added kick, Add two teaspoons of A-1 to your meat when it’s cooking to give some added flavor. But otherwise this is a heavenly dish and so good too!

Made the recipe almost to a tee, and it was great! Picky-eater daughter loved it. I took others’ advice and used chopped pickles, as well, as a condiment. Next time I think I’ll also chop some romaine as a condiment to add more crunch. Overall, great job!

I want to make this for dinner tonight but I have a question. Do I drain the tomatoes first or no? Thanks!

No need to drain the tomatoes. The liquid is crucial to cook the pasta.

Thank you so much for the quick response. I really appreciate it. Looking forward to making this tonight! 🙂

Sub out beef for turkey, add taco seasoning and rotel for one can of the tomato, Serve with tortillas and sourcream! Amazing! Thanks for the starter !

I meant turkey for beef! haha i also ommited the mustard and ketchup as I wanted a “taco” flavor. But it turned out fantastic!

Making this dish, albeit with vegan crumbles instead of ground beef. Awesome recipe. Thank you!

Just wanted to say that this is one of my husband and my favorite recipes! It’s very hearty and filling and the leftovers reheat extremely well! Thanks for sharing this 🙂 It’s become a stable in our house!

Chungah, I made this today and it was delicious! I did it just a bit differently (I used a spicy habanero ketchup, 1 tablespoon of Dijon and added 1/2 cup of diced jalapenos), and it was perfect for our taste! Thanks for the great recipe! My photos aren’t as beautiful as yours, but this is a great dish! Thank you. I’m excited to share it with my readers in a future post! 🙂 Those are good eats!

Is it with 2 cups of water and 2 cups of stock or 2 cups of water or stock?

As indicated in the recipe, you will be using 2 cups broth and 2 cups water.

I made this for my wife and I last night and we both really enjoyed it. I was wondering if it was supposed to be so liquidity at the end? I expected the pasta to absorb most of the liquid. I drained most of the liquid and added a bit of cream to think up what was left. I think the next time I make it, I will use the 2 cups of stock, but only use 1 cup of water.

I’m so glad you enjoyed this! In response to your question, there should not have been excess liquid at the end. I recommend adding less liquid next time.

Well , mine didn’t look quite as good as your but my family is enjoying it. Thanks!

Just did this recipe tonight. It’s A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. I just didn’t put the Dijon in because my father don’t like dijon. And also didn’t put the Roma in because it was too many tomatoes. Thanks for the recipe! I’m gonna do it again!!

I’m making this tonight and don’t have the 8 oz can of sauce, do you think tomato soup would be ok?

Deanne, you can certainly substitute tomato soup but please note that it is best to use the ingredients listed in the recipe to obtain the best results possible. By using a substitution, I cannot speak for how much this will change the overall taste/texture of the dish.

On the recipe it says two cups of chicken broth but on the directions it says to add chicken broth plus two cups of water. I’m confused.

That’s correct. You’ll be using both in this recipe.

I’m not sure where I went wrong. Recipe is pretty easy, but it seemed like I had too much liquid when the pasta was done. I ended up turning the heat up to get rid of some of it. Only problem my pasta is overdone. Anyone else have this problem?

Cheryl, your heat source may have been the biggest issue here. It must be set to low to let the pasta completely cook through, allowing it to soak up all of the liquid. Turning up the heat is not recommended.

Loved this recipe, my family ate it up! Is this recipe freezer friendly?

Unfortunately, I cannot answer this with certainty as I have never tried freezing this myself – there were no leftovers left to freeze! I recommend using your best judgment for freezing and reheating.

I made this for my boyfriend and we both loved it. The only thing we added was some diced pickle when we served it – just to see and go along with the cheeseburger theme and it tasted pretty awesome! Weird I know! but it was a nice balance to the sweet tomato-y sauce.

I just happen to find your blog recently. The recipes are amazing and simple. Just my cup of tea. I will be making this in the near future.

Thank you for this recipe! I made it for the first time for dinner tonight and my husband and I loved it!

I made this last night and it was absolutely wonderful, we loved it!

Can I substitute regular mustard for the dijon mustard? Did you use dijon because you prefer the taste over regular mustard, or is the dijon necessary to achieve a specific flavor? Thank you!

I stumbled upon your website and I’m so glad I did! I’ve already printed out several recipes and I can’t wait to try them!

Yes, regular mustard would be a fine substitute, but I personally prefer Dijon over regular mustard because it brings in such amazing flavors to the dish!

I just made this tonight & it was a HUGE hit with everyone. They were saying it tastes like McDonalds cheeseburgers lol. Definitely a keeper.

I made some changes to this recipes. I used as follows
1-2 lbs ground beef
1 lb rotini pasta
1 10 oz can cheddar cheese condensed soup
2 14.5 oz can diced tomatoes basil, garlic and oregano
1 lb thick sliced bacon diced and cooked to place on top of finished dish
mustard 3 good squeezes
seasoned meat with onion powder, garlic powder and peeper
I used no olive oil, ketchup, chicken broth
Cooked as above

This looks relish, girl! Can’t wait to make it. Do you know about how large one serving would be? 1 cup, 1.5 cups, etc? Thanks!!

dang autocorret…oops! **delish

I’d estimate about 2 cups per serving.

Thanks! Making it tonight!! Can’t wait!

Wow! I’m impressed. This was so flavorful and easy to make! The only adjustment I made was adding a little extra tomato sauce and used less cheese as a topping. I will definitely will make this dish again! Thanks again! you may have just earned a fan for life!! 🙂

Made it today and it was delicious! I added some hot sauce to give it some extra flavour!

This was really good. My whole family enjoyed it (including my 1.5 yr and 3 yr old son)! I halved the recipe, just cutting in half all the ingredient quantities and it worked perfectly. Thanks!

Found via Google trying to find a non-processed alternative for the boxed stuff. I’ve been doing my meal planning on the weekends for the weekdays, and this is exactly the type of recipe I need. The kids will eat it, one pot, realistic to make after a long work day with kids pulling at my legs! I don’t do beef, so we’ll do ground turkey breast, I’ll report back after trying it, but sure it will be awesome. Thanks for posting!

Can I use pasta sauce instead of tomato sauce?

You can certainly try substituting pasta sauce but without further recipe testing, I cannot speak for how much this will change the overall taste/texture of the dish. It is always best to use the ingredients listed in the recipe to obtain the best results possible.

Made this last night for my family of six. NOBODY was excited about the idea of this dish, but EVERYBODY ate seconds. Before long, the entire pan was devoured! I was a little nervous about the ketchup and mustard, but it was just perfect. It really lived up to its name:it tasted like a cheeseburger!

made tonight. I did it in my electriic skillet… My oven range is out. Work great. Dish was awesome. Fed 3 and we all have lunch for tomorrow. Will have to half the recipe when just the hubby and I.

Perfect kid friendly food. Love this idea! Pinned and bookmarked 🙂 I hate dishes too. Bring on more one pot Wonders

Need more recipes like this one to simplify my life. Thanks!

This was way too tomatoey and watery for me even when I omitted more than a cup of liquid. It was much more like pasta with tiny meatballs and tomato sauce then cheeseburger. It was ok, I guess, but I won’t be making it again. I will, however, try some other recipe of yours, like One pan honey garlic chicken.

Mia, most of the liquid should have been soaked up by the pasta – did you use uncooked pasta for this recipe?

What is the nutritional information for this recipe?

Nutritional information is provided only for select and new recipes at this time. However, if it is not available for a specific recipe, it is best that you use free online resources at your discretion (you can Google “nutritional calculator”) to obtain such information.

Hi! The recipe calls for a dutch oven or stock pot but the from the photo it looks like you are using a standard pan/frying pan? Which is best?

You can use a Dutch oven or saute pan – they all work very well!

I’ve just realized that several of our favorite meals that I’ve pinned from Pinterest are all from your blog! The one pot meals are my favorite! As the mom of a busy toddler and a new baby on the way who blogs (occasionally) and works from home planning trips for other people while still being there all the time for my family these meals are lifesavers! Even better, my VERY PICKY 2.5 year old loves them! I’ve even taken them as inspiration to come up with new variations! Thanks for the wonderful ideas and great meals!

This turned out terrible. I did use 1lb shells rather than rotini but my result was a coagulated “sauce” and a near flavorless mess of meat and noodles.

I would recommend looking for another recipe. This one will leave you dissapointment. I usually pick one online recipe to try each week, occasionally I have a less than good result- this one is among the worst Ive ever made.

Stacy, I’m sorry that this recipe did not turn out the way you had imagined. I only post recipes that have been successfully tested in my own kitchen, and as you can see from the comments here, many of these readers have had great outcomes in the final dish as well.

But by using a different kind of pasta, you have created a completely different end result. Shells have huge crevices for the sauce to accumulate, which just isn’t appropriate for a one pot meal like this. It would be best to follow the recipe exactly as written before blaming it for your mishaps.

I was searching for some one pot meals that my very picky children would eat! Made this tonight and everyone loved it! I am a vegetarian so I didn’t try, but my husband, 6yr old, 4yr old, and 2yr old all ate it up. It does make a lot, so we have plenty for another night. So glad I tried it and I followed the recipe almost exactly! I had a smaller can of diced tomatoes so I added some more tomato sauce and it turned out great! Thank you from a very busy household.

Do u think it would be OK to use elbow macaroni noodles instead?

I’m making this for the second time tonight. My family liked it so much the first time, they asked for leftovers the next day. That NEVER happens! I used egg noodles (didn’t want a thick, heavy pasta), and cut the cook time to about 8 minutes.

I saw this recipe and wondered how on earth a one pot meal could actually taste like a burger. Welp, you did it! This is not a meal I would make but I just had to try it. I made it as posted and it is soo good. I wouldn’t change a single thing. Thank you for the recipe.

I want to make this so bad but all i have is macaroni noodles. can I make it with that kind of pasta but do perhaps 1/2 the amount of liquid?

Macaroni noodles should work just fine.

So good! We liked it with diced dill pickles on top.

I was just wondering, in the ingredients there is nothing about water, however in the directions there is 2 cups that need to be added plus the 2 cups of chicken broth, so is there to be 4 cups of liquid added. Thank you

Yes, that is correct. Water is typically not listed in the ingredients list.

Made this for a second time and it was even better! My kids and wife love it. Thanks!

I just made this and it doesn’t look like this at all. It’s like soup! 4 cups of liquid seemed like a lot.

Could I use beef broth or vegetable broth making this?? Or would it mess with the flavor too much? I have made several times as written and it always turns out great… Trying to avoid another trip to the grocery store!

Yes, you can use either/or.

I added peas or corn to this to add a vegetable besides the tomato. Kids loved it!

One of your recipes showed this pan. I was interested in it. You couldn’t remember what it was. I didn’t give up. If anyone else asks its a Calphalon Elite available at Williams Sonoma website.

I followed the recipe and was very disappointed. It was very bland and very watered down. I tried to add spices to it but its still pretty blah. I should have made spaghetti sauce instead but thought I’d try something new.

​I’m sorry that this recipe did not turn out the way you had imagined. I only post recipes that have been successfully tested in my own kitchen, and as you can see from the comments here, many of these readers have had great outcomes in the final dish as well.

But I understand that failures and mishaps can happen. With a little bit more information, we can troubleshoot what went wrong to have a successful turnaround next time.

So I must ask – did you follow the recipe exactly as written without any substitutions?

I made this for dinner tonight. Was easy and tasted very good. Next time I will try adding pickle relish and a-1 as other readers have suggested to give it a little more flavor. I followed directions except I added garlic powder to the salt and pepper whole browning the meat and onions and I added a little extra Dijon mustard as I like extra mustard on my cheeseburgers. Fun easy recipe.thx for sharing

Ok so here’s my thing: people, you have to remember everyone’s stoves and equipment is different. You have to adjust your heat, time, and amounts accordingly. That being said, this dish was AMAZING! I ditched half of my salad to make room for seconds! I did make a few changes. I added green bell peppers with the onion and sautéed them before adding the meat. I only added 1 can of tomatoes (my kids are not fans) and subbed the 2 cups of water for 2 cups of tomato with chicken bullion. In my opinion, this dish is so del icious it doesn’t need melted cheese on top! I sprinkled some Parmesan and it made the dish taste very fresh and authentic. My skeptical kids even loved it! (My noodles were a bit overcooked but I like firm pasta so next time I’ll just add a bit less water.) Follow your instincts and you can make this wonderful dish, too!

I just made this for my husband and 3-year-old. I’m a vegetarian, so I didn’t eat it, but they are both FANS. I put in about 1/2 c. finely diced carrots and 1 diced bell pepper as well, just to sneak in some more veggies. They were none the wiser!

Thanks for the great recipe!

Just wondering if this would freeze well?

Unfortunately, I cannot answer this with certainty as I have never tried freezing this myself – there were no leftovers left to freeze! Please use your best judgment for freezing and reheating.

Delicious and fast. Doesn’t get much better than that.

How much is a serving in cups or some other measurement of volume. I am on myfitnesspal and my daughter made this tonight. I would like to enter it in my log

Loved this, but the pasta soaked up all of the extra liquid and got mushy. This could stand more pasta, maybe 18-20 oz.

Hi! I just made this last night and my daughter really liked it. I added some carrots, garlic and a tablespoon of brown sugar because my daughter doesn’t like the acidity of tomatoes. I have a question though. Is there a way to keep the pasta al dente? One thing about one pot pastas are that they are cooked al dente at first but ends up soggy by the end of the meal. Does anyone have any suggestions?

You can try to reduce cooking time by a few minutes. Hope that helps!

Just made this meal and it is DARN GOOD! I added a green bell pepper after I cooked the onion and hamburger together and it really added the flavor my family enjoys! Will be making this again soon!

I used to love this site, but now I’m bombarded by ads the flood me with sound every time I visit. Please go back to your original web business model, or I wont return.

Not that my individual traffic will make a difference!! You have amazing recipes.

Thanks for this recipe! Hubby really liked it but I did run into an issue that I see someone else had. I had way too much liquid. I let it cook down for another 20 minutes with the lid off and then added tomato paste. I will try without the water next time. Thanks again!

Made this for lunch today. Didn’t have roma tomato or green onion, and subbed beef stock for chicken because that’s what I had. We loved this! Grandkids came after lunch, commented on how good it smelled and asked for a bowl of it heated up and they loved it also! Thanks so much for an easy but great recipe!

I made this for dinner tonight – I used whole wheat pasta, which came in a 13.5 oz box. I left out the tomato sauce because I didn’t have any and to compensate for having a lower volume of pasta. Also used 2 c water instead of broth because I also didn’t have broth on hand. Came out perfectly, may family enjoyed it. Thanks for helping solve tonight’s dinner dilemma!

Basically, this is hamburger helper, but healthier. Ok.

Hi. This was tasty. I did make some modifications though. I added celery, carrots and garlic to sneak in extra veggies. I only had a pound of ground beef so I rolled with that. I used all chicken stock instead of half water half broth. The biggest factor (I think) to prevent overcooking the noodles or having too much liquid is cooking at a moderate simmer with the lid OFF for 13 min or until the pasta is cooked. Very tasty and oooked just like the picture. My family liked it and it was easy.

in step 2, do you need both water and chicken broth? it seems like a LOT of liquid. please clarify, thanks!

Yes, the recipe requires both. You need enough liquid to soak up 1 pound pasta.

Could I substitute spaghetti instead of rotini noodles?

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