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No Bake Peanut Butter Dog Treats

Easy peasy 4-ingredient treats that are sure to be your pup’s favorite. And you can whip these up in just 15 min!

After making those peanut butter dog bones, I’ve been having so much fun in the kitchen making dog treats for my two baby corgis.

It’s also been a huge money-saver because I’m alway stocking up on the organic treats at the pet store, but at the end of the day, nothing beats homemade.

It’s even better when you don’t have to turn on the oven. All you need is a mixer for this one.

But what I really like about these treats is how you can chill or freeze them, making these to be the perfect midday snack to energize your pups.

Best of all, these treats are chockfull of pumpkin, which is a great source of fiber and helps with digestive regularity.

But you may want to keep these treats out of reach because they’ll be sure to eat every single last one of these!

No Bake Peanut Butter Dog Treats

Yield: 20 treats

Prep Time: 15 minutes

Total Time: 15 minutes

Easy peasy 4-ingredient treats that are sure to be your pup’s favorite. And you can whip these up in just 15 min!


  • 1 cup pumpkin puree
  • 1/4 cup peanut butter
  • 1/4 cup milk
  • 3 cups old fashioned oats, divided


  1. In the bowl of an electric mixer fitted with the paddle attachment, beat pumpkin puree, peanut butter and milk on medium-high until well combined, about 1-2 minutes. Gradually add 2 1/2 cups old fashioned oats at low speed, beating just until incorporated.
  2. Using a small cookie scoop, roll the mixture into 1 1/4-to-1 1/2-inch balls, forming about 20. Dredge balls in remaining 1/2 cup old fashioned oats, pressing to coat.
  3. Cover and place in the refrigerator until firm, about 1 hour.*

*These can be kept refrigerated in an airtight container for up to 1 week.

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Please consult with your pet’s veterinarian regarding possible allergies your dog may have.

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your pups are some awesome models… 🙂

Peanut butter and pumpkin…my two favorite ingredients to write cookbooks about 🙂

You have the luckiest dogs in the whole world! I bet they go bonkers for these.

Oh my goodness! He is too cute!! LOL!!

Ahhh these sound really good, and I totally understand why the little four-paws wanted to get their snouts into these. Did you try one yourself?
I remember last year when I made dog biccies, and I tried one, it was all right! I prefer sweet biscuits though 😛 I have heard most dogs are crazy about peanut butter – can’t say I blame them 🙂 x

Can these treats be fed to cats as well?

Stephanie, it is best to consult with your veterinarian.

My dog LOVED the peanut butter dog bones! I know he will love these as well. Your dogs are adorable!

So So SOOOO cuuuuuuute!

What a great idea! I love that you posted this! Who said food blogs are just for people! 🙂 My sister is always looking for healthy treats for her sweet girl, Pippa (a Cavalier King Charles). She refuses to give her anything inorganic or sourced from outside the US. She made some homemade treats for her not long ago and I said we should put them on the food blog. I’m sending this recipe to her ASAP to try. Looks good enough to eat!

Oh, and did I mention your furry kids are CUTE CUTE CUTE?!

The treats look great but the dog steals the show! What a cutie!

Was just wondering if you used the Regular or Quick Oats?

Carla, I used Quaker Old Fashioned Oats.

Yay. I have been waiting for these. I love that it is a no bake recipe!! So trying this out this weekend.

Thank you for doing a dog treat recipe without flour. I’m so happy!

These sound good enough for me to eat!

Oh my gosh, I’m dying from the cuteness of that last photo in particular…those little whiskers!! I can almost feel my pup looking over my shoulder right now, begging me to make these!

The PUPS are sooooo cute!! And these look great. I love your site. I make your recipes all the time and they’re a huge hit!

We have an older rescue dog that has issues with milk, we’d like to avoid if possible is there a good sub? Thanks!

Jen, it is best to consult with your veterinarian for any possible substitutions.

I made it without the milk and used baby food puree pumpkin, which has water added. I’m sure you could just use a little water to sub mine turned out fine.

I just showed those to my dog and I swear he nodded, Or maybe he just stared, either way, I know he’d love him. I need to be a better dog Mom and stop feeding him cheap crappy doggie treats. Trying these out!

These are a great idea, but I barely find enough time to bake for my kiddos, let alone my dogs. I know, they do deserve the best, but I’m just don’t know if I can find the time! Maybe I’ll have my kids make these for the dogs!

Great recipe! I made these for my English bulldog today…he has a sensitive stomach and lots of food allergies, so these really fit the bill. So much better than store-bought treats, too. They were good enough to serve to my husband, but I did’t want to cheat the dog. 🙂

Our dogs will love these treats … thanks for sharing! Your corgis are adorable!

I just made these today for my four dogs. I have to tell you that my pickiest little eater, Buzz, (Chihuahua mix) came into the kitchen to see what was going on. I gave him a taste, and he did his usual “snub” move where he sniffed and backed away with his nose in the air. My Rat Terrior, Charlie, came and stole the taste I had put down. But the little picky dude came back. I gave him another little nibble, which he snubbed again. Charlie again moved in and ate it. Buzz came back again, and I gave him a third little piece. He saw Charlie moving in, prepared to take it again and this time he gobbled it up. He stayed in the kitchen while I made them, and he kept scouring the floor to see if I dropped anything. I’m thrilled to have a treat that he will eat, and a healthy one! When I take it out of the refrigerator, he smells them and comes running! He absolutely loves these; so thank you for sharing this recipe.

My dog loooved these! Thank you for another great recipe!!

These work so great for hiding pills! My dog loves the treats and is clueless his meds are in there.
Thank-You so much for the great easy recipe.

Hi! I’m new to your blog and I love all of these dog recipes! I have a question about this one… I don’t own an electric mixer is it possible to simply knead the ingredients together with my hands? That might seem like a silly question but I really want to try this one and I can’t imagine that I would have the money to afford an electric mixer anytime soon. Thanks!

Yes, absolutely, but it will take some elbow grease!

Does it last? Do you have to refigerate?

I recommend storing in the refrigerator to extend shelf life.

I want to make this recipe with my students. Can i substitute the peanut butter with Sun butter? We are not allowed to have peanut butter.

Yes, but please consult with your pet’s veterinarian regarding possible allergies your dog may have.

Can u freeze them and then give frozen to eat?

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