Green Tea Coconut Ice Cream — Damn Delicious

Без кейворда

Green Tea Coconut Ice Cream

Green tea is what gives this creamy and smooth coconut ice cream recipe its delicate flavor, antioxidant boost and light green color.

I am so ready for summer. It’s already warming up a bit here in LA, and it’s even hitting the low 80s tomorrow, so bring on the sun dresses and flip flops. Although I think I wear flip flops all year long. See, in LA, the seasons don’t really change. It’s more like spring-ish/fall-ish all year long and a tiny bit of coldness in the wintertime. Other than that, you can always rely on 70 degree weather throughout the year.

Either way, this green tea ice cream needs to happen. Not like it’s-so-hot-in-the-house-I-need-ice-cream but more like I-need—this-ice-cream-365-days-of-the-year-because-it’s-so-darn-good.

Plus, with all the health benefits of green tea and coconut milk, that means this is healthy right? Which just means you’ll just have twice as much guilt-free, right?

You can get the full recipe here over at Imperial Sugar!

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Imperial Sugar. All opinions expressed are my own.

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