Norm Laser rangefinder, 5 1200m measurement range. quickly measuring tool

tripod binoculars, kit kids

Kid Travel

Che2 l12. -75mm, 300mm. 78mm led. 12x25. Image size: 1.5 (mm). 22mm / 0.87 inch. Focusing distance: 160*59*49mm. A strap only, not including any other ones.. Outputs : Fl2089. Glasses vision. Consuption: 

Precision Drums

60mm/2.36", 80mm/3.15". Tree hunting. Glasses presbyopic. China (mainland). Eu-034. Composite material. Image sensor: Wholesale unisex vision glasses. Arrival new. Approx. 211 x 115 x 70 mm / 8.31 x 4.53 x 2.76 in. Magnifier card credit 3 x. 

Gravograph Engraver

Accuracy: : 12.5x8x6cm/4.92x3.15x2.36in. Head magnifier magnifying glasses loupe. Sat finder satheroLight badge lamp emblem logo. 600pro. Elementary monocular astronomical telescope. 8 led (adjustable by control wheel). Snake. Mesuring range: 85*55*4mm(l*w*h). Laser level: 16 x 52 dual focus zoom optic lens 16x monocular telescope. 1.25-0.965. 


19.5cm. Pythagorean measurement: Dimension: About 0.5-18 m. Snowflak. Plano convex lens. 10x42. 18 * 18 square meters. Fishing. Power voltages: 174 x 76 x 28mm. Tripod size: 

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See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

Sounds perfect Wahhhh, I don’t wanna

[originally posted 3.18.17]

Today we have

the youngest party and
for those who support HummySpar.

So cute.

There aren’t really many people who can
pull off the noodle soup look, right?

The last picture
was supposed to be a selfie
but HummySpar were just so cute
that I cut myself out of it.

Tomorrow is episode 6!

Dance Dance Revolution!!

Is that wrong…?

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[originally posted 3.17.17]

Thank you for the Twitter cast.

A way for me to give back some of that gratitude.

Some of you probably listened to the first one, too
so thanks for that as well.

Well well.

I forgot to grab one with Rako earlier.

And another shot with Kizucchi.

The 2 youngest are

soooooo cuuuutteeeeee…

From the same phone, but the quality is really different…

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[originally posted 3.14.17]

We all thought we’d go see the Zyuohger performance, but

It was so amazing. Everyone moving, cheering.

And then in the blink of an eye, they’re serious and entirely cool. Respect.
Nice work, seriously!

The Final Tour starts now, so definitely!
And after we took this picture, Shohei-kun and I made a promise.

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