Creamy Meyer Lemon Pasta — Damn Delicious

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Creamy Meyer Lemon Pasta

It’s been an exhausting Monday. Work just dragged on and on and on but once that clock hit 5 o’clock, I was free. I raced home, picked up Jason and headed off to his sister’s place to celebrate her 34th birthday where our night was filled with the best homemade Korean food, good cake and playtime with the niece and nephews.

I love these kids to death and have such a blast when we all get together to hang out. They do the cutest things, and I’m always the annoying aunt who makes them pose for photos every 30 seconds.

But hey, I get some priceless photos, right?

Now for those whose Monday was not filled with overstuffing yourselves with Korean food and a pink cake, I have an amazing vegetarian pasta dish for you today. It’s filled with roasted asparagus and sun dried tomatoes along with crumbled goat cheese, crunchy toasted walnuts and a creamy Meyer lemon pasta sauce that’s incredibly vibrant and refreshing in every bite. It takes just minutes to put together and works perfectly as a #MeatlessMonday dish, or any other meatless day of the week.

You can get the full recipe here over at the NatureBox blog !

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