Black Truffle Pasta with Meyer Lemon Cream Sauce — Damn Delicious

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Black Truffle Pasta with Meyer Lemon Cream Sauce

Black truffle pasta imported from Italy is slathered in a creamy Meyer lemon sauce!

Remember when I made those garlic truffle fries? Well, Gourmet Spotting sent me another tasting box for me to try out, and I’ve had such a blast playing around with the ingredients.

This month’s box included hand-picked products selected from around the world like Italy, New York and Georgia, leading me to the most adventurous culinary experience.

Now you could imagine that I devoured that bacon caramel popcorn in the blink of an eye, along with that cookie and blondie. And I’m totally saving that pancake mix for those busy weekday mornings when I need a complete breakfast before heading off to work.

Oh and that black truffle pasta from Italy? Yeah, I definitely enjoyed the crap out of that one, especially when I used it in a super easy Meyer lemon cream sauce mixed in with sautéed kale, crumbled Italian sausage and a cherry tomato medley. That’s my heaven right there. And that truffle aftertaste? Absolutely amazing. Plus, being able to make this in less than 20 minutes makes it absolute perfection!

And since we’re in day 3 of this week’s two year blogoversary giveaways, I have a 1-month subscription of Gourmet Spotting’s Tasting Box up for grabs so you could explore the culinary world in your very own kitchen! Just be sure to enter through the rafflecopter below. Good luck!

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